Moving out – a year on- By Fiona MAciver of illuminate insight

I’m delighted to be celebrating a year at the Lighthouse. After exploring many options and waiting years to leave home, I finally moved out in the Spring of 2018. This life-changing event dragged me away from the domestic distractions of dishwasher bleeps, requests for forgotten PE kits to be dispatched to school immediately; reduced, but not completely eradicated, my hollering at teenagers “why are you still in your bed and not studying!” and significantly reduced interruptions from delivery drivers " would you mind taking in for your neighbour?” And of course, the lovely Millie (dog) joining in conference calls when the post arrived. By now, you will realise I’m talking about moving office and not home!

I should also clarify that I’m not in splendid isolation, transmitting from the middle of the sea, an image I often conjure up when I tell people that “I’m at the Lighthouse”. While I’m fortunate to be very close to the coast, my feet are firmly on dry land – at least in working hours! I’m lucky to be surrounded by multi-talented individuals and businesses in a splendid purpose-built coworking environment. I have a view of North Berwick Law, an endless flow of quality coffee, a comfy break out area and a practice putting area! My working environment has improved significantly – my putting hasn’t!

So, what I have learned? For my sanity and those around me, I need to leave the house to go to work! Don’t get me wrong, working from home does have its advantages and works well for many people, and it did for me until I hit the seven-year itch! I now feel more productive and usually focused. Aside from ‘going to work’ and not having to justify the “l’m working from home” statement, the social element and inspiration of meeting different people and businesses each day have provided considerable benefits. As one of the first residents, I have had the privilege of seeing the building come to life with freelancers, start-ups and established businesses covering multiple disciplines and sectors including health and fitness gurus, social enterprise projects, property companies, renewable energy projects, golf tourism, digital enterprises and more. The Lighthouse is now a vibrant community hub of more than 25 organisations as well as a flow of commuters seeking refuge from the drudgery of commuting and the increasing number of train cancellations. In my new abode, I have also enjoyed a candle making session and so far, no office politics! There is also the bonus of no longer having tedious discussions about justifying my home-office rental calculations to my accountants. Incidentally, they have recently moved their North Berwick office to the Lighthouse.

After years of commuting into Edinburgh and working from home, I’m truly grateful and genuinely happy to be in a coworking environment so close to home and without a train, swim or a boat journey! And of course, the excellent coffee on tap from the fabulous Steampunk.

Well done to Andy Hadden and all the Lighthouse team for creating an inspirational working environment for so many of us to thrive.


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